Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lanai Poem

Aboard a plane I fly to paradise
Against the seat I lay my head
Across the Pacific Ocean I fly
Above the clouds I soar
In front of the airport is where I land
Out of the lobby I step into the sunlight
In spite of the heat I am in tranquility
Next to my brother I ride in the bed of the truck
Outside the breeze blows my hair smelling of salt and brine
Under a blue roof is where I stay
Atop our house I hear a quiet rain
Before the sun is up we’re up getting ready for the day
Up the volcano is where we ride
Down to the beach is where we go
Past the picnic tables I hear the beat of the waves
This sound is soothing my place of peace is Lanai

Caylee Weinhouse, Age 12

I Am From

I am from Lanai with the dark blue water and the green trees,
Where the sand meets the water,
The fish swimming around the coral,
The deer roaming the woods,
People relaxing in the sun getting a tan,
Kids playing at the park,
ATVs traveling the trails with pride,
Cats roaming the city,
Roosters crowing to the rising sun.

I am from my little house with old paint and a new roof,
The television hardly on,
Towels lying on the floor after being at the beach,
Helmets covered in dirt,
Couches soft to relax on,
Beds to sleep on after a full day,
Kitchens filled with fascinating smells,
Windows open to let in a breeze in.

I am from my yard where plants are many shapes and colors,
Salamanders fleeing with terror,
ATVs resting for the trails,
A plumeria surrounded by a sea of grass,
Bikes ready to ride on the streets,
Washers always running.

I am from the peaceful city,
Stores surrounding the park,
Gift shops full of trinkets,
Neighbors chatting with each other,
Schools always teaching,
Parents saying “go out and play.”

I am from the beach where the rocks sleep,
The waves pound the sand,
Hooks covered with shrimp,
Fish flopping around on the barbecue,
People playing catch,
Dolphins doing flips in the air,
The rainbow in the sky,
The sun setting into the water.

By Harrison Weinhouse, Age 13

Monday, June 14, 2010


Da lava rocks dem broken up an' strewn across da shoreline
dem stay jagged, strong, resistant
Da watah goin' crash upon da rocks wit strength an' grace
You goin' hear da harsh yet calming, soothing waves breaths

One shack up on da land
hot an' salty like da kine bake fish

One fisherman casts one net across da rocks
He goin' get plenty fish
He make 'em back easily across da lava rocks dat juts along da shore

Lizards, crabs an' flies come to play wit da local girl
who goin' dance across da lava rocks

Not far away is one little town
cool, sheltered, modern-kine
Why dis desolate deserted spot appeal to modernites?
Because da fish when call 'em
Oh how dey when entice
mo' plenty, colorful an' ono kine!